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Towards the Unity of Protestant Churches in Europe Fifty years of
the Leuenberg Agreement

It seems natural in our present day that Lutherans and Reformed Christians celebrate Holy Communion together, or that a pastor of one denomination may preach a sermon at the other denomination’s church.

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Michael Weinrich: As a Protestant voice in Europe, I would like to see a pointed commitment to peace

Michael Weinrich – German reformed theologian and former board member of the CPCE – will be the opening lecturer of the “Being Church Together”, the academic conference to mark 50 years of the Leuenberg Agreement in Debrecen, Hungary next week.

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Sándor Fazakas: There should
be a place for open dialogue

Fifty years ago, the signing of the Leuenberg Agreement was the beginning of an ecumenical process that is still going on today, and which made it possible for the Christian community to embrace the world together without giving up on itself. 

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Tamás Fabiny: The presence of
the church within society
must be grounded in solidarity

The pulpit and altar fellowship of Protestant churches in Europe was made possible by the Leuenberg Agreement, signed 50 years ago. An international conference will be held to celebrate the anniversary from 9 to 11 March 2023 in Debrecen, Hungary. 


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