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50 Years 



Leunberger Konkordie

What is the
Leuenberg Agreement?

The Agreement between Reformation churches in Europe (in short Leuenberg Agreement) is an ecumenical document finalised in 1973 at the Swiss conference centre Leuenberg near Basel. Its aim was to end the church schism between the Reformed and Lutheran churches and to establish church communion among the Lutheran, Reformed and United churches in Europe. It thus became the founding document of the Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe.

In the sense intended in the Leuenberg Agreement, church communion means that, on the basis of the consensus they have reached in their understanding of the gospel, churches with different confessional positions accord each other fellowship in word and sacrament and strive for the fullest possible co-operation in witness and service to the world. (LA 29)

To this end, the Leuenberg Agreement goes through the following steps:

  • The churches note that they have a common understanding of the gospel expressed in the liberating message of the justification of the human person and passed on in preaching, baptism and the Lord's Supper.

  • The churches note that doctrinal condemnations expressed in the confessional documents concerning the doctrine of the Lord's Supper, christology and the doctrine of predestination do not concern the present state of doctrine of the assenting churches.

  • The churches accord each other pulpit and table fellowship, including mutual recognition of ordination..

“The participating churches are convinced that together they participate in the one Church of Jesus Christ and that the Lord frees them for and calls them to common service.” (LA 34) “Believing in the unifying power of the Holy Spirit, they bear their witness and perform their service together, and strive to deepen and strengthen the fellowship they have found together.” (LA 35)

The Leuenberg Agreement is available in 19 European languages.


Main events

Scientific Conference
March 09, 2023
(Debrecen, Hungary)
csm_cosmo-consult-debrecen-hungary_4b16884b5d (1).jpg
Meeting of CPCE
Church Leaders
July 04, 2023
(Vienna, Austria)
Gathering of CPCE
Synod Members
September 28, 2023
(Bad Herrenalb, Germany)


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For more than two decades Martin Friedrich was responsible for the theological and ecumenical work of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE). As a tribute to his 65th birthday and at the same time as a contribution to the 50th anniversary of the Leuenberg Agreement in 2023, a selection of his essays and lectures from this period is presented.
lectures from this time.

Buch Mockup.png
La Concorde 
de Leuenberg

André Birmelé has theologically accompanied and shaped the work of the Leuenberg Church Fellowship and (later CPCE) from its beginnings. In this book, published in French, he presents the text of the Leuenberg Agreement, examines the road travelled in the last fifty years and suggests ways to better prepare the future. He sees the most important challenges as achieving a greater degree of catholicity and commitment within the church communion and continuing the dialogue with the churches outside the church communion.

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