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CPCE Council

The 13-member Council manages the work of the CPCE between General Assemblies. The Council is led by a three-member Presidium, which in turn is headed by an Executive President. The General Secretary forms the link between the Council and the CPCE office and heads the latter.


Council members (deputies):

  • Christian Albecker, France, Lutheran (Agnès von Kirchbach, France, United)

  • Ingrid Bachler, Austria, Lutheran (Daniel Zikeli, Romania, Lutheran)

  • John Bradbury, Great Britain, Reformed, Executive President (Jan-Gerd Heetderks, Netherlands, Uniert)

  • Marcin Brzóska, Poland, Lutheran, Co-President (Hedi Vilumaa, Estonia, Lutheran)

  • Pawel Gajewski, Italy, Reformed (Dimitris Boukis, Greece, Reformed)

  • Rita Famos, Switzerland, Reformed (Serge Fornerod, Switzerland, Reformed)

  • Michael Martin, Germany, Lutheran (Klaus Rieth, Germany, Lutheran)

  • Georg Plasger, Germany, Reformed (Ulrike Trautwein, Germany, United)

  • Miriam Rose, Germany, United, Co-President (Frank Kopania, Germany, United)

  • Barbara Rudolph, Germany, United (Susanne Bei der Wieden, Germany, Reformed)

  • Ulla Schmidt, Denmark, Lutheran (Tron Fagermoen, Norway, Lutheran)

  • Klára Tarr Cselovszky, Hungary, Lutheran (Sándor Fazakas, Hungary, Reformed)

  • Annette Gruschwitz, Germany, Methodist (Jørgen Thaarup, Denmark, Methodist)


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